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What is kWantera?

Energy Data Science
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Real-Time Energy Decisions

kWantera uses lots of public and proprietary energy market data paired with machine learning and predictive analytics to provide our customers specific real-time energy management decisions.

Who We Serve

We help both energy generators and buyers to optimize their energy portfolio and minimize their risk.
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Generator Optimization
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Market Price Forecasts

Complex Energy Management Problems

1.  Generation Assets

Do you know when the market will call on you to run?  How will you manage your fuel needs?

2.  Renewable Assets

How do you schedule your uncertain generation into the market?  What is the market going to pay you?

3.  Commercial and Industrial Buyers

How do you manage your energy market risks?  Do you get the best price that you can?

4.  Retail Supply Companies

Do you optimize the open position in your portfolio every day?

Whatever your strategy is, you are always vulnerable to risk!

The best strategy is to know what the market is going to be in the future, and this is possible with kWantera Energy Intelligence!


  • We helped a Fortune 500 steel manufacturer to reduce their energy supply costs by over $275,000 a year without making any operational changes.
  • A retail supply company using kWantera’s market forecasts saved over $1.00 per MegaWatt/Hour on their daily open positions.

We convert probabilistic uncertainty into easy to consume energy decisions.

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​kWantera provides market data services to customers regardless of their intended utilization or market participation activities, including electricity consumption, procurement, resale or generation​​ in ​all markets where we operate. These services may differ​ by customer. An affiliate of kWantera is in the business of trading wholesale energy for its own account based upon market data services from kWantera that may differ​ from, or be contrary to, those services provided to kWantera's customers.​ kWantera has no liability to its customers on account of these activities.​