Cogeneration & Storage

Unlocking the Potential in Your Onsite Storage & Generation

Faraday leverages your investment even further.

Faraday enhances the ROI on your energy investments. With tools like Price Forecasting and peak notifications, you can stay ahead of the market to make the best energy decisions.

With Faraday you can:

  1. Automate onsite generation or storage assets based on wholesale power market signals
  2. Maximize cost savings by avoiding coincident peaks and demand charges
  3. Increase revenue streams by monetizing output into the grid through sales or ancillary services market participation
  4. Become a voluntary demand response provider by leveraging the power of predictive analytics

Discover the Keys to Success

Energy Trading
Stream Market Data

Add analytics to your existing energy strategy with Faraday's API feeds. By directly streaming forecasted and live market data, you can stay on top of pricing opportunities with automated DER actions.

Energy Trading
Stay Ahead of the Market

Act on market opportunities with Faraday’s Price Forecasting for Real-Time and Day-Ahead markets and deviation fees. With data continuously updating throughout the day, you’ll always stay on top of market movements.

Energy Trading
View Key Factors

Access live Real-Time prices for various markets, load zones and hubs with Faraday's live RT LMP pricing map on the Energy Market Dashboard. With market context, the Top 5 Market Drivers provide the leading factors currently driving prices, giving you more insight into the market.

Seeing is Believing

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