Energy Procurement

Revolutionizing Power Procurement & Consumption

The next frontier of energy cost management with Faraday’s market signals.

The world of energy procurement is ripe for disruption. Our advanced data science and predictive analytics provide access to meaningful cost savings that were previously not possible.

With Faraday you can:

  1. Reduce indexed contract expense by optimizing daily locational margin pricing (LMP) bidding
  2. Leverage power forward forecasting to improve your fixed/block contract acquisition
  3. Integrate seamlessly with your existing suppliers to implement our pricing solutions
  4. Modify your energy usage to avoid costly energy price periods or potential peak load hours with predictive notifications
  5. Monitor power markets to stay informed of risks

Explore the Possibilities

Energy Trading
Optimize Bidding Plans

Faraday’s Trading Strategies provides hourly bidding recommendations for buying energy in the Real-Time and Day-Ahead markets. Our quantitative analysis helps you optimize your bidding plans to lower cost and avoid market spikes.

Energy Trading
Forecast Contract Values

Faraday forecasts long-term, fixed pricing contract values to help you decide when to lock in contracts with our Power Forwards Tool. Hedging is costly enough without price transparency-we aim to empower you, as the buyer, with better foresight.

Energy Trading
Reduce Event Impact

Faraday ingests and models system load to identify potential peak load hours in most US markets. With email notifications alerting you up to 5 days in advance, you’re able to make smarter production and staffing decisions, reducing the impact of costly events.

Learn How Big Data Can Cut Energy Costs

Albertsons Companies, a grocery giant with locations in over 35 states, was looking for a solution to cut costs on its energy expenditures. Check out the case study to learn how Faraday used data driven analytics to benefit Albertsons’ bottom line.