Merchant Generation

Optimizing Revenue for Merchant Generators

Faraday delivers the keys to success.

Using advanced data science and predictive analytics, Faraday dynamically optimizes your market facing interactions with intelligent scheduling recommendations.

With Faraday you can:

  1. Leverage Real-Time and Day-Ahead market analysis and optimization tools to enhance your offering strategy, or to undertake virtual trades into the ISOs or on the derivative markets
  2. Understand intermediate market opportunity cost when scheduling operations and maintenance (O&M) on your facilities with Faraday’s revenue heat map
  3. Time peak firing decisions based on our short term, probabilistic price forecasting; integrate VOM costs into decision logic

Unlock the Potential

Energy Trading
Enhance Your Strategy

Act on market opportunities with Faraday’s Price Forecasting for Real-Time and Day-Ahead markets and deviation fees. With data continuously updating throughout the day, you’ll always stay on top of market movements.

Energy Trading
Maximize Your Efficiency

Faraday’s Trading Strategies provides hourly trading recommendations for selling energy in the Real-Time and Day-Ahead markets. Our quantitative analysis helps you optimize your trading plans.

Energy Trading
Understand Market Drivers

The Market Context Tool curates critical information in one centralized location, allowing you to assess the top factors that will be driving changes in the daily electricity markets.

Seeing is Believing

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