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Managing Your Energy Portfolio

Faraday provides a new class of hedging and trading tools to set you apart.

Faraday uses advanced data science and predictive analytics to curate and provide visibility to historic, live and forecasted market features. These tools are combined with risk and constraint tolerances to optimize recommendations and insights.

With Faraday you can:

  1. Make better informed procurement decisions with your portfolio, both open (index) and hedged positions
  2. Access dynamic, real-time market intelligence and insights for internal analysis, modeling and mark-to-market activities
  3. Provide cutting edge commodity enhancement products to your customers - intelligent scheduling, forward contract and strip valuation, and peak load/pricing alerts

Deliver With Insights

Energy Trading
Support Your Strategy

Faraday’s Trading Strategies provides hourly trading recommendations for selling energy in the Real-Time and Day-Ahead markets. Our quantitative analysis helps you optimize your trading plans.

Energy Trading
Access Dynamic Intelligence

The Market Context Tool curates critical information in one centralized location, allowing you to assess the top factors that will be driving changes in the daily electricity markets.

Energy Trading
Observe Market Conditions

Access live Real-Time prices for various markets, load zones and hubs with Faraday's live RT LMP pricing map on the Energy Market Dashboard. With market context, the Top 5 Market Drivers provide the leading factors currently driving prices, giving you more insight into the market.

Seeing is Believing

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